Pioppini Mushroom Mini-Farm Grow Kit

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Pioppini mushrooms have been cultivated in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years (in fact, they are described by Pliny the Elder in Naturalis Historia), but their popularity has not yet exploded in American markets as much as they deserve – and we have been missing out! This small but formidable mushroom of the Cyclocybe family grows in clusters of velvety brown caps and fawn colored stems. Their flavor is nutty, sweet, and peppery, and their stems have a satisfying crunch that some people liken to the texture of asparagus.

Because of its popularity across a diverse range of cultures, you will find Pioppini called for in all sorts of recipes, from Mediterranean to Japanese. Thanks to their firm texture, they can withstanding being cooked over high heat. Press them into the pan with the back of a spatula and listen to them squeak and squeal as they sear. Just make sure to leave room in the pan so the mushrooms can sweat as they cook, otherwise they are prone to getting soggy. Pioppini pairs well with red meat and wild game. It is also an excellent addition to congee, bibimbap, wild rice, or pasta alla Boscaiola.

This Pioppini mushroom grow kit Mini-Farm requires light misting to produce two to three crops over a two month period. Expect one to two pounds of organic mushrooms from your grow kit with proper care. Please note that grow kits given as gifts should be gifted and setup within about 7-10 days of purchase. 


*We guarantee your first crop. If you follow the instructions, your Pioppini Mushroom Grow Kit Mini-Farm may produce 3-4 harvests but each grow kit is handcrafted and can have different results.