Santa Cruz Mushroom Store

Far West Fungi began humbly as a mom and pop farmer’s market mushroom vendor in 1982, and has since flourished into the Bay Area’s primary source for all things fungi. Nourished by the coastal fog in Moss Landing, CA, our organic farm now raises 14 varieties of exotic, culinary, and medicinal mushrooms. Still a local family owned business, Far West Fungi keeps its flagship retail location in San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building marketplace -- a thriving culinary mecca. 
For the past 14 years, we have proudly been the one and only specialty mushroom store in the Western US, but that changes this year, as we are thrilled to announce the opening of our second location in Santa Cruz. With more room to grow in a sunny, spacious Laurel Street storefront, we finally have the opportunity to offer more of what we have always wanted: mushroom cultivation supplies, a fungi-centric cafe menu with on-tap kombucha, and a platform for expanding our growing line of myconutricuticals. 
We are honored to join Santa Cruz’s already deeply established mushroom and foraging culture, and hope that we can enrich the community with our carefully sourced, lovingly crafted fungal offerings. Thank you to everyone who has supported our passion all these years. Still true to our farmer’s market origins, we feel our roots firmly placed in family and community, and we can’t wait to see what grows next in the beachy soil of Santa Cruz.