Located in northern Monterey County in the coastal town of Moss Landing, our eight acre facility sits on a bluff above the Pajaro River, overlooking the Pacific. The steady ocean breeze and coastal fog creates an ideal location for cultivating mushrooms.

Using a balance of traditional and modern technologies, we are able to provide a year-round supply of high quality organic mushrooms. We maintain strict quality control by producing meticulously pure cultures, spawns and substrates. We cultivate Shiitake, Pink, Yellow, and Blue Tree Oyster, King Trumpet, Lion's Mane, Wood Ear, Pioppini, Cinnamon Cap, and Reishi mushrooms on a sterilized sawdust substrate.

Our newer San Martin facility in Santa Clara County uses a bulk pasteurization process within environmentally controlled growing rooms. This farm produces Maitake, multiple strains of Tree Oyster, and many small batch and seasonal varieties of mushrooms.