Mini-Farm Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you love your Far West Fungi mushroom Mini-Farm! If you’re having some questions, read over this document. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to give us an email! Please note, our team is quite limited. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Do I open the bag?

Only if you’re growing shiitake! For the rest of the kits, just pop out the perforated part of the cardboard box, and cut the plastic from there. Watch the video here.

What is the white patch? Should I take that off?

The white patch is a filter. The filter patch allows the mushroom to ‘breathe’ (exchange air and gases) while preventing contamination of the inside growing medium.

Is the white growth mold?

Absolutely not! The soft white substance that you see is called mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative structure of the mushroom. Through the mycelium the mushroom is able to absorb nutrients.

What is a mushroom flush?

A mushroom flush is a harvest. In mushroom farming, this is referred to as a ‘flush’! All of the blocks that we sell will have multiple flushes, if the block is properly cared for.

Most of the time, the mushrooms will become ready for harvest at the same time.

How many flushes can I expect from my block?

With ideal growing conditions, your block could produce 2-3 and maybe even up to 5 flushes! Make sure that your block doesn’t dry out or reach extreme temperatures to have the best change of multiple flushes.

When do I harvest?

A mushroom harvest is when mushrooms are ready to be removed. Typically mushrooms signal when they are ready to be harvested by observing their shape of their caps. Please take a look at our harvesting infographic.

What are the ideal growing temperatures?

Ideal growing temperatures are between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and mushrooms can survive and thrive in higher or lower temperatures as well, but for best results we recommend not putting your mushroom block in significantly higher or lower conditions. If you want to delay activating your mushroom mini-farm, you can refrigerate it for up to 30 days, except for the Pink Oyster. Pink Oyster are a tropical strain that prefer warmer temperatures and will not perform well after being refrigerated. 

What should I do with my block after it is done growing?

Your block will make a great addition to an outdoor garden as mulch for fruit trees, or as a soil amendment. You can break up the block and spread it around the base of a tree, or put it in a garden bed. With some moisture and shade it will likely produce more mushrooms!

Lion’s Mane Mini-Farm

My block is cracked/broken in half

Take a picture and email it to, and mention the date that it was purchased and where the mini-farm was purchased (online, in-store, market)

My block started growing before I opened it/ there is a white mushroom looking growth on the top of the bag.

This is perfectly normal for Lion’s Mane, and a sign that the block is fully colonized and ready to fruit mushrooms! This pregrowth will not affect the size of your Lion’s Mane harvest, simply activate by cutting into the growth and rotating the block to accommodate the perforated window.

Shiitake Mini-Farm

When do I harvest the mushrooms?

We recommend harvesting shiitakes when the cap has fully separated from the stem. You can wait a little longer if you want your mushrooms to grow bigger.

Oyster’s Mini-Farm

My mushrooms started out bright pink and then quickly faded to white.

Harvest those mushrooms (the whitish ones), cut a few more holes in the plastic bag and wait for your next harvest to see if you have better success. Usually the second flush is better for the pink oysters.

My mushrooms are growing long and stringy.

Harvest those mushrooms, and eat them! They are perfectly fine to eat. Cut 5 more large X’s into the bag and wait for your second harvest. It is likely that there is not enough Oxygen in your humidity tent.

What is this yellow juice coming out from the block?

These are a byproduct of the mycelium growth process, and are called ‘mycelium exudates’. Perfectly normal and harmless. Fungi are weird!

Shiitake Mini-Farm Set-up

Oyster Mini-Farm Set-up

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