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Cordyceps 1oz
Cordyceps 1oz Cordyceps 1oz Cordyceps 1oz
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Cordyceps 1oz

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Cordyceps is believed to enhance athletic performance and improve aerobic capacity. Many athletes consume them in supplement form to increase endurance and stamina. In China, they have been traditionally used to combat fatigue and muscle weakness, improve mental energy, increase sexual vigor, and for optimal aging. They are also delicious, with a sweet, nutty coconut aroma when dried. Try adding them to soups, stews and omelettes. Their noodly texture makes a great addition to ramen.


Far West Fungi creates this line of dried mushroom by air-drying a select portion of its fresh organic and wild foraged mushrooms. All drying is done in-house at our own commercial kitchen, where great care is taken to preserve the natural essence of the mushroom.  The result is a powerful, concentrated mushroom product, free from sodium, preservatives, or any other additive. It’s simple and pure: mushroom essence and nothing else.

Dried mushrooms can be reconstituted in any kind of warm liquid (wine, broth, cream, ect.) for 15 - 20 minutes, and then used in any application in which fresh mushrooms are called for. Try them as a base for soups and sauces, combine with eggs in a scramble or omelette, cook into a risotto, or toss with pasta.