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CCOF Organic King Trumpet Powder
CCOF Organic King Trumpet Powder

CCOF Organic King Trumpet Powder

Regular price $10.00

Net weight: 2 oz

Pleurotus eryngii 

Product of California

King Trumpets are in the same family as Tree Oyster mushrooms. The powder is light and buttery sweet. Great for stews and gravy, King Trumpets can take the place of Porcini or Crimini powder.

Far West Fungi creates its line of mushroom powders by air-drying fresh mushrooms in-house and then grinding them into a fine powder. The result is a powerful mushroom seasoning, free from sodium, preservatives, or any other additive. It’s simple and pure: mushroom essence and nothing else.

Use mushroom powder as a base for soups and sauces, whisk with eggs in a scramble or omelet, use as a seasoning rub for meat, fish, and poultry. The mushroom powder can be mixed with flour when baking, or dusted over roasted vegetables. It is a healthy way to add umami and depth of flavor to any dish.