Top 5 Grilling Mushrooms

1. Portabella


This is the burger of the mushroom world. Hearty and meaty, with a dense texture, Portabella is sure to please both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.  

2. King Trumpets


This is the mushroom for people who think they don't like mushrooms. King trumpets are sweet and buttery with a juicy texture, and plenty of surface area to pick up a nice sear. They make an excellent substitute for grilled seafood.

3. Maitake


This is your BBQ mushroom right here. Marinate it with equal parts sugar, salt, curry powder, and black pepper, and you'll get the perfect char going on its crispy edges. Pull it apart like shredded pork!

4. Porcini


The King of Mushrooms! Choose large specimens -- a #2 Grade Porcini, with their generous surface area, works best. Rich nutty flavor and and a tender texture makes this wild foraged mushroom the top shelf option.

5. Shiitake


With their unique umami flavor and silky texture, Shiitakes are great for an asian-style marinade with sesame and soy sauce. They caremalize nicely on the grill, and are excellent on veggie skewers.