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Pine Synergy tincture is a proprietary blend of Ghost, Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine pollen ethically hand-harvested from the American River watershed! This tincture contains the essence of ecosystems throughout the entire watershed. From Ghost pine at the valley floor, to Ponderosa and Lodgepole found in high elevation meadows, Pine Synergy offers the perfect blend of 3 species hardened and adapted to their landscapes. Pine Synergy is a synergistic blend of adaptogenic superfoods.

The species blended in Pine Synergy:

Ghost Pine (Pinus sabiniana) is a California species of pine endemic to the California Floristic Province; a biodiversity hotspot. This pine tree is also known as foothill pine, bull pine, and gray pine. It grows in some of the most inhospitable environments in California: low foothill and chaparral ecozones. This habitat often has poor soils, minimal moisture, and very hot, dry summers. This conifer grows where no other conifer will and it thrives! Often as wide as it is tall, Ghost Pine drops literally tons of pollen on otherwise nutrient-deficient soils every spring, fertilizing the landscape with its natural plant androgen.

Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) is an incredibly adaptable tree. It is found growing from sea-level to the alpine zones, and from Baja California to the Yukon. Near the coast, this conifer can grow gnarled stunted specimens, wind-swept in poor soils. Meanwhile, in alpine meadows, large Lodgpole pine trees slowly encroach transforming grassland to forest. In the American River watershed, these versatile trees grow with meadow and brook, granite and quartz. They are generally found above 6500 foot elevation where summers are short and warm, punctuated by mid-season thunderstorms. As a species, lodgepole pine can thrive in a number of different environments.

Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) is a species of pine that grows throughout the western part of North America and it is the most widespread species of pine on the continent. In the American River watershed ponderosa generally grows from 2000-6000 foot elevation. It is a towering, majestic tree with puzzle-piece bark, jumbo-sized pollen catkins, and large pine cones. The forests that this pine reside within rely heavily on the tree to keep the ecosystem strong. Every spring literal tons of plant fertilizer in the form of pollen is released into the air and much of it finds its way to the forest floor where it nutrifies the poor soils and helps other species of tree and shrub grow. Without this pollen, the oak, manzanita and other plant species who provide so much to the base of the food web would be less vigorous and the entire ecosystem would suffer. Ponderosa pine is an integral member of its habitat that helps balance the nutrients of its ecosystem with the phytoandrogens found in its pollen.

In an industry where 95% of all pine pollen is produced and harvested in China, all of our pine pollen tinctures are made from ethically sourced, wild-harvested pine pollen from the American River watershed in northern California. To produce our high quality tinctures we use organic high-proof spirit produced in Oregon from USA grown corn. This tincture is 1:5 using 50% spirit. Other tinctures found on Etsy are made using pollen catkins which creates an inferior tincture. Our tincture is made with only our hand-harvested pollen.

Pine pollen is an adaptogenic superfood! It is incredibly nutrient dense and it contains androgenic compounds.