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Lion's Mane Spawn, Culture, Plugs
Lion's Mane Spawn, Culture, Plugs Lion's Mane Spawn, Culture, Plugs

Lion's Mane Spawn, Culture, Plugs

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Using spawn requires substrate. This product is not recommended for beginners.

Lead time 2-4 weeks

Spawn is pure mushroom tissue grown on a prepared material that is used for the production of quality mushrooms. Our specialty sawdust spawn is crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood sawdust and pure tissue culture from select strains. We offer a wide variety of commercially viable strains, with over 40 cultures maintained in our culture bank to meet your cultivation needs. Sawdust spawn is the preferred spawn to use for specialty mushrooms grown on sterilized sawdust and on logs, as the mycelium has already been introduced to the material in which it will fruit. Every batch of spawn is thoroughly inspected and tested at our commercial farm in Moss Landing, CA, where we grow over 18,000lbs of fresh mushrooms each week.

(One unit starts as a 5lb bag of spawn)

One bag of spawn can inoculate up to 300lbs of material

Cultures are used for the production of spawn and are essential for any commercial operation intending on producing spawn. We offer mother cultures for over 40 strains available in petri dishes or slants. Fresh cultures are sold with the confidence that they have been tested at our facility and will produce highly productive crops. A duplicate copy will be included with every purchase. Each culture is labeled with a code to verify cell line, age, transfer value, duplicate number, and media type.

For questions and information about our spawn and culture orders please feel free to email us at or call us at 831.728.5469

Lion's Mane Hericium erinaceus FWF
Description Large white Pom-poms, excellent cooked in slabs as meat replacement or peeled apart fine for a soft texture. Easy to grow! Alluring appearance & very healthful mushroom. 
Cultivation Sterlized supplemented sawdust, hardwood logs
Incubation 70-75°F, 3-4 weeks
Fruiting 64-75°F, 12-15 days, Fold over top of bag, and cut 2-3 holes 1 inch in diameter in top of bag. 80-90% rH, ≥1,000 PPM CO2. Up to 3 harvests per 5lb block
Yield 20% B.E. (3/4 -1lb from 5lb sawdust block)