Holiday Shipping Notice

Order by Processing Time Ship Date

Dec. 13th

2 days

Dec. 16th


We've noticed delays with all of our shipping carriers (UPS, USPS & OnTrac). To ensure your order is received before Dec. 24th, we recommend to order latest by Dec. 13th. We require 2 days to process and will ship Dec. 16th.

I'm ordering a mini-farm, when is the best time to order?

As soon as possible, with a note for example "Please deliver by Dec. 24th".

Storage of Mini-Farms:

Our mini-farms stay fertile for 2-3 weeks in cold storage. Storing in a fridge is ideal, basement or garage floor works as well. The substrate bag is the part which needs refrigeration. To discreetly hide before the holidays, we recommend to unbox and store the substrate bag in refrigeration.