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Truffle Trio Gift Set
Truffle Trio Gift Set Truffle Trio Gift Set

Truffle Trio Gift Set

Regular price $24.00

Three petite jars of truffle-inspired specialties: Acacia Honey with Truffle, Truffle Carpaccio, and Ritrovo's famous Truffle and Sea Salt. This trio makes for a great gift and can inspire any picnic, meal, or wine tasting. 3 x 1.1 oz (30g)

Truffle Honey: use as a glaze for ribs, drizzle over pizza crust, grilled cheese, or baked mac and cheese. Pair with warm brie, or use to marinate chicken or other poultry.

Truffle Salt: Sprinkle over scrambled eggs, pasta dishes, roasted vegetables, pates, french fries (any kind of potatoes!), roasted meats, or popcorn

Truffle Carpaccio: Paper thin slices of real truffle preserved in olive oil. Makes an elegant and decadent presentation on top of pasta, polenta, risotto, or any other truffle inspired dish.