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Craft Kit
Craft Kit Craft Kit

Craft Kit

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There's something truly magical about the process of growing mushrooms. What begins as grains of barley on wet newspaper, quickly becomes a miniature wonderland of fractal growth, and within a few weeks, mushrooms sprouting out of paper!

This is a fascinating and simple way for kids to watch the process of how mycelium (the branching structure of hyphae that fruits into mushrooms) takes over a substrate, illustrating the science of decomposition.

Our illustrated step-by-step instructions are designed specifically for children to follow. All that is needed to grow these tasty mushrooms is newspaper -- we provide the rest!

Within a few weeks, your child will have delicious homegrown Tree Oyster Mushrooms and the chance to explore and observe the amazing world of fungi. Choose between 3 different colors of oyster mushroom: Blue, Pink, or Yellow. 

Contents: Container of pre-activated Tree Oyster mycelium (Pleurotus ostreatus), instructions pamphlet, rubber bands, plastic bag, twist-tie.

Craft Kit Instructions