• I purchased reishi/chaga from your store but am unsure how to prepare it. What do you recommend?

    Reishi and reishi tea can be prepared using 1/2 oz per 24 floz or 3 cups of water. Simmer for at least 30 minutes and strain. Drink hot or refrigerate and drink cold.

    The same method can be used with about 3 tablespoons' worth of crushed chaga per 24 floz of water. Chaga can be used for infusion several times before losing it's potency.

  • How long will dried mushrooms keep for?

    We recommend storing dried mushrooms in the freezer in a sealed, airtight bag where they will keep for at least 1 year. After this point they can start to lose flavor, just like spices and dried herbs.
  • Do you lead mushroom ID/foraging classes or workshops?

    No. If you are interested in learning more about mushrooms and fungi, please visit the Mycological Society of San Francisco.
  • What is a mushroom?

    A mushroom is the fleshy fruiting body of a fungal organism.  The organism is mostly underground and can be seen as mycelium-a thread-like structure.  The mushroom is to mycelium what the apple is to it's tree.  When conditions are right, a primordial lump forms on the mycelial thread.  This lump will eventually "fruit" into a mushroom and aid in the spreading of the fungus' microscopic spores which fall from the mushrooms gills and be carried through the air.
  • What does this mushroom taste like?

    There are many different species of edible mushrooms and each species has distinct flavors and textures. Read more about different mushrooms and their flavors in our FungiPedia.