• How long will a truffle keep for?

    Truffles are among the most highly perishable food products and their aroma and flavor fade rapidly after they are harvested. You should not expect more than 3-4 days of intense truffle flavor.
  • Is your truffle oil made from truffles or is it synthetic?

    Our truffle oil is double-infused with real truffles but like 98% of truffle products on the market, it does contain 2,4-dithiapentane which is an organic compound known to be an important component of truffle flavor. It is used as a primary aromatic ingredient to intensify truffle products. Although we ourselves are working towards creating natural truffle products, we are quickly realizing why this compound is used. In choosing our truffle products, we prefer the most natural products that contain the least amount of 2,4-dithiapentane possible. Our own Far West Fungi brand of truffle oil contains a very small amount of this compound.
  • How do I know that you're not selling "Chinese" truffles?

    Actually, we do! When available, we sell truffles imported from the Himalayan Steppes of China and label them as such. Different species of truffles occur in different places around the world. Some are more desirable than others, but they all have individual, distinct characteristics, flavors and aromas. To the untrained eye, they all may look rather similar but you can trust that our fresh truffles are packaged and labeled correctly.
  • What is a truffle and why are they so expensive?

    Truffles are basically mushrooms that form below ground rather than above ground. They have so far eluded cultivation and are usually located with the assistance of trained dogs or muzzled pigs which are attracted to their strong, earthy aroma. The most choice specimens come from small regions of France, Italy, Oregon, Australia and the Himalayan Steppes. All of these factors combined with their international reputation as delicacies create a large demand for this natural, highly perishable product.