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Intense roasted chicken flavor with a firm crunchy texture

Maitake Powder - 1oz.

Maitake mushrooms have been increasing in U.S. popularity over the last 5 years for both their culinary and medicinal uses.

Manzanita Boletes

Rich nutty flavor, slightly mealy yet firm texture


The North American White Matsutake (Pine Mushroom) is prized for its subtle yet distinctive, spicy aroma similar to cinnamon. Traditional with rice, soups and stir-fries, but great with almost any dish. It is very versatile!


Pleasant cinnamon aroma, complex but light pine flavor, firm texture

Meiji Mushrooms Cookies

Mushroom-shaped Japanese chocolate snacks with a biscuit stem.


Distinctively earthy flavor, delicate texture (absorbent).


This is one of the most popular, sought after wild mushrooms. Dried morels have a more intense, rich, smoky, earthy and fragrant flavor than fresh ones and have the advantage of being available year round. This mushroom is famous for flavoring sauces, but is also delicious breaded and fried, stewed, baked, creamed, or stuffed with dressing. Its aromatic quality lends itself best to light cream or wine sauces, and pastas. For an easy sauce, soak dried morels in cognac then simmer in cream until they absorb the cream. Top over seared meat dishes.

Mushroom Bisque

Another Far West Fungi original sensation has become an instant classic!


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Mushroom Playing Cards

Learn more about wild mushrooms and fungi and the trees they grow on with these unique playing card packs.


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Mushroom Truffle Pate

Casina Rossa Crema di Fungi is a unique truffle and mushroom product ideal for pasta dishes, crostini and bruschette.


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